Services Available

Today’s consumers are smart. They know they have choices and they do their homework online. That’s why you need a strong online presence, one that shows potential clients why they should use your product or why your brand is relevant.

Need a bi-weekly blog post or well-written content for your new website? My writing will help your business or brand develop a voice and command attention. 

Are you ready to show the world what you have to offer? 

Let's connect with your audience and get them engaged and entertained!

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Blog Posts

Fresh, informative, and entertaining content enhances inbound marketing efforts, drives traffic to your website, and attracts more prospective customers. Regularly posting blog content relevant to your niche allows you to develop relationships with customers, establish yourself as an industry leader, and allows people to connect to your brand. You probably don't have time to write a 1,000+ word blog post several times a month, but guess what? That's exactly what I'm here for! 


250-500 words          $60                         

500-750 words          $90                         

750-1,000 words       $120                        

1,000-1,500 words    $150                        

1,500-2,000 words    $180                        

Pricing is for blog posts which include an author byline. Please add $15 to price for a ghostwritten post. 

Need repeating, long-term content? I offer blog post packages at a discounted rate per post. Personalized quotes are available. 

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Website Content

In a highly competitive digital marketplace, you need more than just engaging content. Your static content needs to be appealing to both your target audience and the search engines. Powerful and optimized content on all your pages means not only will you have an amazing website, you'll have an amazing website that gets seen.

Prices are customized based on your needs. 

Already have a website but not getting the results you want? I'm happy to take a look. 

Website Content Review-$40/hr

An in-depth analysis of the content and style of your website. A price will be agreed upon in a follow-up discussion based upon the extent of the editing or rewriting needed. 

*This is not an agreement by either party to begin content work. 


Proofreading & Editing

It's easy to overlook errors in your own writing. An editor and proofreader can eliminate mistakes, correct inconsistencies, and adjust the content to help you clearly express your ideas. Don't let a few misspelled words or missed commas get in the way of the important things you have to say.

Proofreading $30/hr

Correction of all errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Correction of inconsistent terminology, formatting, and referencing. This is adjustment to content on a minor, aesthetic scale. 

Editing $45/hr

Specialist knowledge is used to look more closely at the content itself in order to clarify text, adjust the tone, and clearly convey ideas.