Hi there!


I'm Leah Favela. 

I’m here to help you deliver quality content to your audience that's crafted specifically to reach and engage them. Great copy doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intention, know-how, and hard work. Your day is busy, you've got a lot of important things to do. So let me take care of the writing part. 

I know your time is precious. So I'll make sure to always be easy to reach and communicate with. I work from the heart to create content that is clear, engaging, and tailored to the audience you're targeting. The end result will be exactly what you want, delivered on time. Always.  

I'm passionate about health & wellness, plant-based nutrition, preventive health through nutrition, sustainability, and mental well-being. I'm also passionate about working with people and companies who have an ethical vision of the future. 

So let's have a chat, figure out your goals and your target audience, and work together to breathe life into your vision.

I can't wait to meet you!